Advanced Utilities Limited are happy to announce that we are now moving into new build and renovation projects, we have uploaded various photos showing our developments for your perusal.

Advanced Utilises have successfully gain accreditation from various bodies i.e. Achilles, Chas, Constructionline etc.


Jobs we are currently working on or completed are below:

Successfully completed a new building/plant room construction for West London Mental Health Trust for a cost of £250,000, along with mains diversions for a total cost of £500,000.

AUL have received a 3.5million contract under West London Mental Trust which is has been on going since 2014.

MOD site carrying out all groundworks/diversions for a cost of £250,000.

AUL have carried out works to numerous school renovations and hospitals involving all groundworks, installation of substations and utilities including streetlighting, CCTV and layout of new car parking facilities.

With regards tendering we are currently pricing for a £500,000 project in the West Midlands area and a £1million project in Hampshire.


This is a brief outline of our services and should you wish to discuss anything further please do not hesitate to contact to office on 0161 762 0233.



Some of our Clients: