Additional Services

While the company continues to successfully provide to its customers the core activity of the Project Management and delivery of the utility infrastructure element of their project we have also developed associated activities and services that complement and augment our initial business model the following briefly details these services.

  • None Intrusive Sub-terrain Geophysical Survey & Mapping
    • Ground Radar
    • Electronic Detection / Locator survey
  • Minimal Intrusive Survey Techniques
    • Vacuum Excavation
    • Bore Ground Surveys
    • Manual Trial Excavation
  • “No-dig” Pipework Installation Techniques
    • Directional Drilling
    • Orger-boring / Micro Tunneling
    • Narrow Trenching
    • Mole plough – land drainage installation
  • Underpressure Water main Connections
    • Line-stop valves
    • Aquastop By-pass system installations
  • District Heating (Insulated) Pipework installation
    • Rehau certified installation contractor
  • NRSWA accredited Supervisory and Inspection / Enforcement Services

If you would like to discuss further any of the above then please do not hesitate to Contact Us using the form provided or call us on 0161 762 0233.

Some of our Clients: